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Wafer Handling Tools






We provide high quality wafer handling tools from our business partner Fluoro Mechanic. They are a leading manufacturer of vacuum wands, manual wands (wafer tweezers), vacuum pumps, tubing, etc. ESD safe products and tweezers for handling various sizes of wafers are also available.

For the various products and parts available for order, please visit the Fluoro Mechanic online catalog here.

Please take note of the part numbers and contact the relevant IBS sales office listed below for order fulfillments. We can also provide printed brochures on request. We will be most glad to be of service to you !


For Taiwan customers, please contact our Taiwan sales office for order fulfillments.

For Korea customers, please contact our Korea sales office for order fulfillments.

For South East Asia/India customers, please contact our S.E.A sales office for order fulfillments.

For customers in other regions, please contact us by email or  send us an enquiry online.